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Tiny Dog and Pigeon Form an Unlikely Friendship

If you already own a dog and you’re thinking of buying a bird, or vice versa, you have a bird at home and it wouldn’t be bad if you also owned a dog. It can be difficult to accustom dogs and birds to each other. But having done it correctly,

it means that a fun period awaits you at home. In this process, you need to be quite patient and make sure that your pet friends become friends without harming each other. It may sound difficult at first to accustom dogs and birds to each other, but it is an increasingly easy process. In this article, you can find tips on how to accustom dogs and birds to each other.

a dog with a bird on its head

Take It Slow
The ancestors of dogs are hunters in the wild, just like the ancestors of cats. And this means that the hunter’s spirits, although domesticated, can appear at any time.


Moreover, dogs see birds as prey that will be chased and eventually captured. Just because your dog doesn’t seem withdrawn or eager to hunt doesn’t mean that he doesn’t see the bird in the house as a prey.


Getting used to dogs and birds with this information about dogs may seem difficult to get out of the job.


Therefore, it is necessary to take the search for dogs and birds as slowly as possible. At first, let them spend a few minutes with each other, and in the meantime, be with them constantly. The first step is to make sure that they are comfortable next to each other.


Their socialization with each other should be planned as the next step. Haste of birds and dogs in the process of getting used to each other can lead to stressful or traumatic experiences or lead to a serious accident.

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